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My Why?

Do you remember the feeling when we were kids, that feeling, where nothing else in the world mattered. A feeling where the world stops and it is just you and that something that captivates your total focus. We all had that something. Barbie Dolls, Matchbox Cars, trains, or your Red Rider! Well for me, it was, is, and always has been sports! My fascination with sports started back as far as I can remember. From my single cross bar Dallas Cowboys and Bears helmet as a youth, to my days as a ballboy for the Kansas City Royals, to today. Sports. It taps my passion more than anything. The players, coaches, managers, front office personnel, and the clubhouse attendants. Everything! Every aspect of SPORT is captivating to me. 

The funny thing about the business I started is I was never a big autograph person. Part of our job as ballboys, batboys, and clubhouse attendants was to protect players from the autograph hounds. We were enlisted at times to get players to sign balls for the front office or public relations department but outside of that exercise and exposure to hazing autographs were not my thing. What was my "thing" was the players that make sports go. The players that make the signed photo, helmet, jersey, ball mean something more to the person who collects it. The players that create memories, a feeling of jubilation, the heartbreak, and water cooler fodder is what keeps me coming back. 

I have been blessed to be around the best. George Brett, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, and on, and on! Some of which are dear friends who mean a lot to me still to this day. Their greatness is not carved by a singular path or journey. The ingredients are certainly present - God given talent, determination, grit, mental toughness, and a drive not shared by many. 

I started BMC Collectibles as a way to share sports through sports collectibles. My goal is to be a complete source for any collector. A store that sells, sources, and shops for the sophisticated buyer. A store that holds honesty and integrity as our highest mark. Full money-backed guarantee is not negotiable in our book. We all know there are cheats and frauds out there. There are characters in this space that are just out to make a buck at all costs. Not here. Not on my time. Not for you the customer, our clients, and the athletes we work with each and every day. That is my WHY. Seems cliche or canned but it is not. It comes from pure passion. A place where nothing else matters - come check it out!  

If you feel the same way then let's do business together. Reach out and let us go to work. branden@bmccollectibles.com

Branden - Founder, BMC Collectibles 



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